In summer, our hunger for drinks becomes greater than our hunger for food. A nice cooling drink is perfect to quench our thirst and not overwhelm our stomachs. But it’s important to add nutrition to your drinks and a glass of green juice is perfect to do the job. Made with healthy green vegetables and other ingredients, green juice not only fills up our tummy, but it also offers several health benefits, and if made well with the right ingredients, it pleases our taste buds too. And here we will introduce you to an incredible green juice recipe that is all you need for your body and mind in this season. 

What is green juice good for? 

Green juice is packed with leafy greens that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, all of which level up our immunity and bring a host of health-benefiting properties. Green juice is also loaded with plant enzymes that facilitate better nutrient absorption and digestion. 

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There are many ways you can make a glass of green juice. This recipe is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to give wholesome nutrition to your body. Shared by nutritionist Shivika Gandhi on her Instagram page ‘the_nutritional_edge’, the recipe is quite easy to follow. According to the nutritionist, this juice helps with weight loss and is a perfect addition to the diabetes diet. Not just this, its high antioxidant value boosts immunity and helps regulate cholesterol levels too.  

How To Make Healthy Green Juice I Vegetable And Fruit Green Juice Recipe: 

This recipe packs a delicious combination of green vegetable and fruit, accompanied by some fresh herbs and spices. The addition of lemon makes it refreshing and cooling too.  

To make this juice, take a green apple, some spinach leaves, parsley, and ginger, and blend them to make the juice. Add lemon juice and lemon, and add water to manage the consistency as per your preference. Your healthy and tasty green juice is ready.  

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Is it OK to drink green juice every day? 

While green juice is extremely healthy, healthier than fruit juice, drinking it in excess is not a good idea. The juice can raise blood sugar levels if had more than often. What’s best is to have this juice regularly, if not every day. 

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