Thai cuisine is a culinary treasure that is loved for its vibrant flavours, aromatic herbs, and delicate balance of spices. It offers unique combinations of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy tastes for an extraordinary gastronomic experience. If you love having Thai food in restaurants and want to recreate a dish at home to delve into the essence of the cuisine, we have the perfect recipe for you. Make delightful and healthy steamed Thai fish that will transport your taste buds to the bustling streets of Thailand.

Is Thai cuisine different from Indian cuisine? 

Just like Indian cuisine, Thai foods burst with a plethora of flavours including a range of spices. The outcome of the flavours may be different, but the experience that our palate receives is similar. In fact, many Thai recipes use coconut milk as a base for curries, like several South Indian recipes. Thai dishes are known for their fresh ingredients, fragrant herbs like lemongrass and Thai basil, and bold spices such as chilli peppers and coriander. Thai cooking methods like steaming, stir-frying, and grilling help retain the nutritional value of the ingredients. And this steamed Thai fish helps you enjoy the cuisine in a healthy way.
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How To Make Thai Fish I Steamed Thai Fish Recipe  

A standout dish in Thai cuisine is the flavourful and healthy Steamed Thai Fish. This dish combines the delicate flavours of fish with zesty herbs and spices, resulting in a light and nutritious meal. Let’s see how to make it. 

Start by making a paste for the fish by combining ingredients like lemongrass, spring onions, garlic, ginger, kaffir lime, red chillies, coriander leaves, fennel seeds, honey, salt and pepper. Grind them all together to make a thick paste. Then all you all have to do is put some oil in an aluminium foil, and place some beans and marinated fish on it. Then cook it in an oven or steam it to make your healthy Thai fish.
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Click here for the complete recipe for steamed Thai fish. 

Serve the steamed Thai Fish with steamed rice and a side of stir-fried vegetables for a wholesome and complete meal. Try this recipe and enjoy a wonderful restaurant-like meal at home.  

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