Street food plays a major role in defining the cuisine of India. It is varied and extensive and adds a burst of flavour to your palate. You will find every region offering a unique range of street foods – each of which strikes a chord with us every single time. One such delicious option remains dahi bhalla. An all-time popular dish in Delhi, Punjab and adjacent areas, it is a dahi-based chaat made with a mix of sweet and spicy chutney drizzled on spongy bhallas. If you explore, you will find the dish having regional variations in Southern India and Bengal – it is called dahi vada in the South, while Bengalis (and in Bihar) refer to it as doi bora.

Call it dahi bhalla, dahi vada or doi bora, the dish is spicy, comforting and spells indulgence. While it is easily available at our favourite street food stall, we all have tried making the dish at home at least once. But, making dahi vada at home is not as easy as it seems. Many of us have struggled a lot while making those spongy, soft vadas. So, for those, who are toying with the idea of DIY (do-it-yourself) dahi bhalla, we have listed some amazing hacks to follow. Take a look.

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Here Are 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing The Vada For Dahi Vada:

1. Don’t over-soak the dal (urad dal):

One of the most common mistakes people do is soaking the lentils for too long. This makes the vada batter too soft and difficult to shape. So, make sure to soak the lentils for not more than the recommended time – three to four hours.

2. Avoid adding too much water to the batter:

Adding too much water to the vada (or bhalla) batter can make it too runny and difficult to shape. Add water in small quantities, and only as much as needed to get the desired consistency.

3. Add right amount of salt:

We often avoid adding water to the batter thinking it might release excess water. But the reality is exactly the opposite. Salt is a crucial ingredient in the vada batter. It helps enhance the flavour and texture of the vada. So, add enough salt to the batter, as per your taste.

4. Heat oil to the right temperature:

It is essential to heat the oil to the right temperature before frying the vadas. If the oil is not hot enough, the vadas may absorb too much oil. Excess oil makes the vadas greasy and heavy. We suggest heating the oil to the right temperature before frying the vadas.

5. Avoid overcrowding the pan while frying:

Another very common mistake people make is over-crowding the pan while frying the vadas. This can cause the vadas to stick together and not cook evenly. Fry the vadas in small batches, and make sure there is enough space between them in the pan.

Now that you have the quick tips handy, we suggest following them and making yourself a delicious plate of dahi vada and relish. Click here for the classic dahi vada recipe.

For more such dahi-based sacks recipes, click here. Enjoy your meal!

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