The BBA in computer application is an undergraduate programme that will generate Technology specialists for the nation’s expanding Information sector. Almost significant and expanding businesses in the nation rely on reliable IT infrastructure.

IT experts that can continuously enhance software and IT applications are in growing demand. The world is dominated by technology, hence it encompasses several elements of the technological industry. It is the primary area for expansion. This profession and expertise are therefore in the growing market. They take care of all firms’ technological components.

Career Opportunities

Data Analyst

Several people believe that data science is only for those with technical degrees. With a BBA, however, you also have the opportunity to work as a data scientist. Both unstructured as well as structured data provide information for data scientists.

Network Administrator

Establishing, managing, and modernizing the communication networks, regional networks, and Wide Area Networks for any commercial organisation is the responsibility of a network administrator. Professionals also keep up with strategies for disaster recovery, data management, and surveillance systems.


A BBA student may specialize in the banking sector as a financial assistant, monetary counsellor, lending institution, or corporate banker. The BBA curriculum covers subjects including Economic Analytics, Management Fundamentals, International Banking, and Corporate Principles of Ethics and Values. This is beneficial when applying for jobs in the banking industry.

Software Professionals

By utilising their programming talents, they are in charge of developing webpages and user interactions. In addition to this, they look into many corporation issues and design information structures according to the needs.

Technical Writers

These writers specialise in articles with an IT focus. They supply us with marketing material and design requirements as well as assessments of technical products.

Quality Assurance Officers

They are responsible for improving the organization’s profitability and efficiency by putting together unique, top-notch assurance applications and developing top-notch management strategies.

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