Director of Graduate and Undergraduate Enrollment


The Director of
Graduate and Undergraduate Enrollment leads, supervises, and manages personnel, teams,

resources and functions related to graduate
and undergraduate enrollment at Life University, with the main purpose of growing enrollment. They provide leadership and daily direction to
the Graduate and Undergraduate Enrollment team and related guidance and coaching for colleagues who represent LIFE and the Graduate and
Undergraduate Programs. The Director serves as the main Graduate and Undergraduate Enrollment contact and an authority of graduate and
undergraduate recruitment, admissions, and enrollment information. They serve an array of internal and external constituents, support the
recruitment and yield of students for all programs and pathways, travel as necessary and present at various functions. The Director oversees
related training, documentation, systems use, reporting, presentations, travel, budget, scheduling, and marketing, such as digital and print
publications, promotional items, social media, and communications. They collaborate with colleagues, ensuring the team’s participation in
events and activities, standards of service, performance, and impact are achieved as well as the appropriate use of various computer systems
and applicable policies, practices and resources.

The Director facilitates related staff serving effectively and that enrollment
goals and deadlines are being met.

They perform, and support others to perform, various functions to develop relationships with
prospective students,

to understand their end goal(s), and to aid them in inquiring, visiting, applying, earning admission, and
enrolling at

Life University. The efforts, talents and time of the Director are meant to positively impact the interest,

engagement, and enrollment of prospective students and applicants and the transitions of potential students from

prospects to LIFE
U students.


  1. Hires, trains and supports on-the-road admissions counselors
    and support staff.
  2. Plans annual recruiting schedule in conjunction with internal team leads and other campus departments,
    considering events, office, and yield activity strategies and coverage, etc.
  3. Takes responsibility for print and electronic
    recruitment communications, including advocacy for appropriate writing, design and distribution.
  4. Working with the Executive Director
    for Enrollment Management and Vice President for Enrollment & Marketing, develops strategies and tactics to boost the inquiry pool for the
    graduate and undergraduate programs.
  5. Works in close cooperation with the Admissions department to assure accurate entry of inquiry
    and applicant information into the Admissions database.
  6. Monitors the budget and expenses incurred and makes value-driven fiscal
  7. Assures that recruiting trips are well researched in advance so that desired objectives are met on the trips and that
    documentation and follow-up are routine.
  8. Sets goals for admissions counselors and support staff and holds them accountable for
    meeting them.
  9. Conducts job performance evaluations for related staff.
  10. Facilitates the swift and smooth movement of
    applicants/applications through the submission, evaluation, admissions and pre-enrollment process.
  11. Assures events, programs, and
    tours are designed and delivered to showcase LIFE’s purpose-filled mission, values of Vitalism and Service, and the graduate, undergraduate
    and Chiropractic programs.
  12. Collaborates with on and off campus partners and constituents to facilitate activities, troubleshoot
    challenges, generate innovative ideas and enhance current initiatives to maximize effectiveness for enrolling “best fit”


  1. Assumes additional responsibilities and
    performs special projects as needed or requested.
  2. Exhibits student centeredness in performance of all job duties.
  3. Treats all
    others with respect; understands the impact of culture/background on the behavior of others; respects differences among the Life community
    and demonstrates inclusive behavior.
  4. Anticipates, listens to, understands and responds to customer needs.  Delivers work products
    and services to customers in a way that reflects positively upon the department and the University.


Education, Training and/or Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. Three +
    (plus) years of direct school level admission/recruitment experience in a professional school admissions office or university/college level
    admissions office.
  3. Strong leadership and supervisory experience, ability to motivate staff.
  4. Ability to build coalitions
    across departments and collaborate effectively with stakeholders.
  5. Proven track record in meeting or exceeding recruitment
  6. Experience in developing communications and evaluation strategies for a variety of segments that address prospective
    students, programs and enrollment inquiries and application processes.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal

  1. Strong presentation and meeting facilitation skills.
  2. Exceptional writing skills and
  3. Ability to work with and maintain confidential employee information.
  4. Experience in development and
    implementation of policies and procedures.
  5. Able to prioritize and manage multiple projects, adhering to strict
  6. Strong interpersonal skills.
  7. High degree of initiative and independent judgment.
  8. Well-developed
    analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  9. Ability to develop and manage budgets.
  10. Computer skills: Microsoft Office

13. Ability to network with alumni and university departments and administrators.

Licenses, registrations

Valid GA Driver’s License required. 

Must have and maintain a clean driving record to allow
driving of motor vehicles on behalf of the University.


  1. Master’s degree in education,
    marketing or related field.
  2. Colleague (Ellucian) experience.
  3. Knowledge of financial aid processes.
  4. Knowledge,
    training and conviction about health sciences, liberal arts, and chiropractic programs.


  1. Nature of work requires an ability to operate standard business office equipment. 
  2. Computer,
    software, and systems work daily.  
  3. Requires ability to communicate and exchange information, collect, compile, compare, and prepare
    work documents, set-up and maintain work files and records in any/all formats (digital/electronic and physical).
  4. Must be able to
    carry and transport recruitment booth and materials. 
  5. Must be able to handle demands of air and ground travel.  


  1. Work performed in a general office environment.  
  2. Extensive travel may
    be required.  
  3. Work is performed in a variety of settings-in office, conventions, career fairs, college classrooms,
  4. Must be available, able and willing to work some weekends, mornings, and/or evenings. 

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