Shakti Peeths are holy places in and around India that every Hindu devotee wishes to visit at least once in their lifetime. According to Hindu mythology, unable to bear her father, King Prajapati Daksha’s insults hurled at her husband lord Shiva, Sati threw herself into the glowing sacred fire of yajna, thus causing her death. An enraged and heartbroken lord Shiva created Veerbhadra from a lock of his hair, who created havoc in Daksha’s palace and killed him. But Shiva could not be appeased and holding his beloved’s body in his hand, he began his dance of destruction (taandav). As the world was thrown into turmoil, to bring back peace and sanity, Lord Vishnu cut Sati’s lifeless body using Sudharshan Chakra into 51 pieces. It is believed that these pieces fell on earth at various places which came to be known as Shakti Peeths. All these 51 places are considered to be holy lands and pilgrimages for Hindus. Each Shakti Peeth is dedicated to a particular form of Adi Shakti.

List of 51 Shakti Peeths in India

1. Amarnath Temple, Srinagar; Jammu & Kashmir; Body Part: Throat

It is believed that the throat of Goddess Sati has fallen here. The devi resides here in the form of Shakti Mahamaya with Trisandhyeshwar as Vairabh. 

2. Attahas Temple, Birbhum District, West Bengal; Body Part: Lips

Here, the goddess appears as Shakti Phullara and her lower lip is said to have fallen at this Bengal temple. 

3. Bahula at Ketugram in Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal; Body Part: Left Arm

The goddess resides here in the form of Devi Bahula and is accompanied by Bhiruk as the Bhairava. Devi’s left arm has fallen here, it’s believed.

4. Bakreshwar, Birbhum District, West Bengal; Body Part: Portion between the eyebrows

The devi is worshipped as Shakti Mahishmardini here. The centre portion of Devi Sati is believed to have fallen here.

5. Bhairavparvat, Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh; Body part: Elbow

Maa Sati resides here in the form of Goddess Avanti. Devi’s upper lip had fallen, it’s believed.

6. Bhavanipur, Sherpur Village of Bangladesh; Body part: Left anklet

Here Devi Aparna with Vaman as Lord Shiva is worshipped.  Here, the left anklet (ornament) of Sati had fallen.

7. Gandaki Shakti Peeth, Muktinath Temple, Nepal; Body Part: Forehead

Maa Sati resides here in the Gandaki Chandi form with Chakrapani as the Bhairav. Here, her forehead is believed to have fallen.

8. Janasthaan, Nasik; Body part: Chin

Devi Sati is known as Shakti Bhramari or Chibuka (meaning Chin) here.

9. Hinglaj Mata Temple, 125 km northeast of Karachi; Bodypart: Top of the head

The goddess here is in the form of Shakti Kottari. Sati’s top of the head seems to have fallen hre.

10. Jayanti Jaintia Hills district, Meghalaya; Body part: Left Thigh

The Jayanti Shakti Peeth is where the left thigh of Sati fell. The Devi resides here in the form of Jayanti Shakti.

11. Yogeshwari, Iswaripur village, Bangladesh; Body part: Palms of Hand and Soles of Feet

Dedicated to Maa Kali, the goddess resides here in the form of Devi Jashoreshwari and Lord Shiva appears as Chanda.

12. Jwala Shakti Peeth, Kangra Valley, Himachal Pradesh; Body part: Tongue

Goddess Sati resides in form of Devi Ambika or Siddhida here and her tongue is believed to have fallen here.

13. Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal; Body part: Right Toes

The goddess resides here as Shakti Kalika and her right foot toes had fallen, it is believed.

14. Kalmadhav, Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh; Body part: Left Buttock

Sato resides as Shakti Kali here and her left buttock has fallen here.

15. Kamakhya, Guwahati, Assam; Body part–Genitals

This is one of the fieriest incarnations of Goddess Sati and one of the most famous Shakti Peeths. The Yoni (genital organ) of Sati is believed to have fallen here.

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16. Kankalitala, Birbhum District of West Bengal; Body part: Pelvis

The Goddess is worshipped here as Devgarbha or Kankaleshwari.

17. Kanyashram: Shakti Sravani, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu; Body part: Spine

Devi resides in the form of Shakti Sravani.

18. Chamudeswari, Mysuru; Body part: Both Ears

The devi resides here and is worshipped in the form of the goddess Jaya Durga.

19. Kireet: Shakti Vimla; Body part: Crown

Sati is worshipped here as Goddess Vimla.

20. Ratnavali, bank of Ratnakar River in Khanakul, West Bengal; Body part: Right Shoulder

She is worshipped in the form of Shakti Kumari.

21. Trisrota, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal; Body part: Left Leg

Devi resides in the form of Shakti Bhraamari.

22. Manasa, Mansarovar, Tibet, China; Body part: Right Hand

The devi is in the form of Shakti Dakshayani.

23. Manibandh, Ajmer, Rajastham; Body part: Wrists

The Goddess is worshipped here as Gayatri.

24. Mithila, Nepal; Body part: Left shoulder

Here, Sati is in the form of Shakti Uma.

25. Nainativu, Manipallavam, Sri Lanka; Body part: Anklets

The idol of the goddess is believed to made by Lord Indra and was worshipped by both Lord Rama and King Ravan. 

26. Guhyeshwari: Shakti- Mahashira, Body Part- Both Knees

Sati is worshipped here as the Devi Mahashira. King Pratap Malla built this temple in the 17th century.

27. Chandranath, Chittagong, Bangladesh; Body part: Right Arm

Goddess is worshipped as Devi Bhawani here. Sati’s right arm had fallen here.

28. PanchSagarnear Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh; Body part: Lower Teeth

This Shakti Peeth is dedicated to “Maa Varahi”. Devi Sati’s lower teeth fell here.

29. Prabhas Shakti Peeth, near Somnath Temple in Guajarat’s Junagarh district; Body part: Stomach

Here, the devi is in the form of Chandrabhaga.

30. Prayag (Alopi Sankari Devi Shakti Peeth), Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh; Body part: Finger

Goddess is worshipped here in the form of Lalita. There are three temples, namely, Akshaywat, Mirapur and Alopi.

31. Kurukshetra, Haryana; Body part–Ankle Bone

Maa Sati resides as Savitri, also known as Bhadra Kali.

32. Maihar,  Madhya Pradesh; Body part: Right Breast

According to Hindu Mythology, Sati’s necklace fell down in this city.

33. Nandikeshwari, Sainithia town in Birbhum district of West Benga; Body part: Necklace

Devi is worshipped here as Nandini.

34. Vishweshwari, Kotilingeswar temple on the banks of Godavari River; Body part: Cheeks

Maa Sati is worshipped here as Rakini.

35. Shivaharkaray Shakti Peeth, near Parkai railway station, near Karachi, Pakistan; Body part: Eyes

Sati is worshipped as Mahisha-Mardini.

36. Shondesh, Amarkantak of Madhya Pradesh; Body part: Right Buttock

Devi is worshipped in the form of Narmada.

37. Sri Sailam, Tripurantakam, Andhra Pradesh; Body part: Right Anklet

The goddess is worshipped here in the form of Sundari and Srisundari.

38. Sri Shail, Jaunpur Village in Bangladesh; Body part: Neck

Here, the goddess appears in the form of Maha-Lakshmi.

39. Shuchindram Shaktipeeth, Tamil Nadu; Body part: Upper Teeth

Sati resides here as Devi Narayani and Shiva as Sanghar.

40.  Sugandha Shaktipeeth, near Barisal, Bangladesh; Body part: Nose

Sati is known as Maa Sunanda or Devi Tara here, while Shiva is known as Traimbak

41. Tripura Sundari Temple, Radha Kishorepur Village, Tripura; Body part: Right Foot

The idols here are Devi as Tripurasundari and Shiva as Tripuresh.

42. Ujjani, Guskara station of Burdwan district, West Bengal; Body part: Right Wrist

Sati is worshipped here as Devi Mangal Chandika.

43. Varanasi, Manikarnika ghat; Body part: Earrings

It is believed Goddess Sati’s earring had fallen here. Devi is worshipped as Vishalakshi and Manikarni in this place.

44. Vibash Shakti Peeth; Mednipur, West Bengal; Body Parts: Left Ankle

Goddess is worshipped as Kapalini.

45. Bharatpur, Rajasthan; Body part: Left Toes

Sati is worshipped here as Ambika Shakti.

46. Vrindavan Shakti Peeth, Mathura; Body part: Ringlets of Hair

The goddess Sati’s ringlets of hair is said to have fallen here. She is worshipped as Devi Uma.

47. Jalandhar Shakti Peeth, Punjab; Body part:Left Breast

The goddess resides here as Tripurmalini.

48. Ambaji Shakti Peeth, Gujarat; Body part: One part of the Heart

It is said that the heart of Sati Devi fell here. Aadi Shakti appears here as Goddess Amba.

49. Baidyanath Jayadurga Shakti Peeth, Deogarh;  Body part: Second part of the Heart

This is one of the most revered temples in India where Goddess Sati’s heart is believed to have fallen and she is worshipped as Jai Durga.

50. Danteshwari, Chhattisgarh; Body part: Tooth

The temple here is dedicated to Danteshwari Devi. 

51. Biraj, Jajpur, Bhubaneshwar; Body part: Navel

Sati is worshipped here as Devi Vimla.


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