New Delhi: Gori Nagori, who is known for her appearances in Rajasthani and Haryanvi music videos, got widespread fame after her stint on Salman Khan-hosted reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’. Gori is back in the headlines after she accused her brother-in-law of attacking her and her team members at Kishangarh where she had gone to attend a wedding. 

Gori Nagori shared a video on her official Instagram handle, claiming that she and her team were assaulted at her sister’s wedding. The famous dancer got teary-eyed while she shared her ordeal in the video, which has now gone viral on the internet. She further claimed that when she went to a police station to lodge a complaint, the cops at the station took a selfie with her and sent her back. 

She posted a video and wrote a long message in Hindi which translates to, “Hello friends, I am your Gori. I am uploading this video about what happened to me today, on May 22nd it was my sister’s wedding. I live in Merta City and my father and brother were not with me. My elder brother-in-law, Javed Hussain, invited me to a wedding in Kishangarh, and I did not know that he had conspired to attack me along with his friends there. When I along with my team visited Kishangarh to attend the wedding, we were attacked very badly by my brother-in-law and his friends.”

The famous dancer, who is fondly referred to as ‘Rajasthan’ Shakira’, added that when she went to the police station to register a complaint on the brawl incident that took place with her and team members at the Kishangarh, the cops, instead of lodging a complaint, took a selfie with her. 

“My brother and I went to file the complaint but the police did not take my complaint saying it is a domestic matter and asked us to settle it at home. The policeman troubled me for a long time. They made us wait sitting there and then took a selfie with me.”

Gori appealed to the Rajasthan government to offer her support and protection as she alleged she did not receive security from the police. She claimed in the video, “I stay alone in the house with my mom and we fear danger with these people. If anything happens to my life, my mom, or my team, then these people will be responsible for it. I have taken their videos. I request the people of Rajasthan to support me, and also appeal the Rajasthan government –  Sir Ashok Gehlot ji and Sachin Pilot ji to support me and get justice as soon as possible and punish the person whose mistake is punished. My life is in danger, please help me Rajasthan government.”

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