JAIPUR: Is BJP falling short of issues in Rajasthan six months before the polls expected in December this year? This is the question being exchanged across political circles looking at the silence being adopted by the saffron party even at a time when the ruling Congress is claiming to make a return. While Congress has been counting its score and scripting success stories via OPS, health and social security, surprisingly, the BJP seems to be sitting silent and there is no strong issue being seen coming on grounds except the same old ones like Modi`s face, rising crime, false promises of loan waiver and so on.

Sources told IANS that even top leadership wants local leaders to emerge with new ideas post Karnataka episode. These ideas should read the pulse of common men, however, till date, all leaders seem clueless on the same. Congress government` Mehangai Rahat Camp, till Friday evening, had distributed more than 5.09 crore guarantee cards, while the number of families benefited has crossed 1.11 crore. The relief camps being organised by the state government are touching the heights of success and setting new records daily. The enthusiasm of the people towards the camps is such that in less than a month, the figure of distribution of guarantee cards has crossed 5 crores, said officials.

According to the data received till Friday evening, 39.01 lakh in Indira Gandhi Gas Cylinder Subsidy Scheme, 66.51 lakh in Chief Minister`s Free Domestic Electricity Scheme, 7.23 lakh in Chief Minister`s Free Agricultural Electricity Scheme, 73.32 lakh in Chief Minister`s Free Annapurna Food Packet Scheme. 42.86 lakh have been registered under the Chief Minister`s Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and more than 3.86 lakh have been registered under the Indira Gandhi Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme. Similarly, 36.69 lakh registrations have been done in Social Security Pension Scheme, 61.68 lakh in Chief Minister Kamdhenu Bima Yojana, 89.20 lakh in Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme and 89.20 lakh in Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Accidental Insurance Scheme.

IANS tried to speak to BJP state president C.P. Joshi on the upcoming issues for assembly polls, however, there was no revert. Further, the other veteran leaders are also silent due to which the party workers are confused. Former CM Vasundhara Raje is keeping herself engaged with her visits to different places and has been attacking Gehlot government as and when she feels. In fact, on Saturday, her absence from state executive meeting in Ladnoon also raised eyebrows.

Recently, the party replaced Satish Poonia with CP Joshi as state president. The idea was to end the fractions as sources claimed that Poonia and Raje were not going well. However, even after this change, the party leaders are seen working in their individual capacity and there is no strong issue seen coming as of now which can predict party`s victory. However, party workers are confident that they shall win as public here never allows one party to repeat its government.

Meanwhile, the BJP party leaders who were claiming to be CM face a few months back have presently adopted silence as of now. However, they are all working and picking up different issues on their own due to which not even a single issue is emerging strong. Recently, the party workers organised Hanuman Chalisa in 250 wards of Jaipur to protest against the alleged negligent working of Gehlot government due to which all accused were left free by Rajasthan HC in Jaipur serial blast case.

Even party leaders discussed why a single stand alone event was not organised to make a mark. In such crucial times, the lack of team work is also marking a dent on saffron party`s prospects. Party sources said party leaders till date were busy with Karnataka. Now, they will concentrate on Rajasthan and shall depute veteran leaders to look into the issues which can help it win the desert state.

Once the May month passes off, you shall see a difference in party working. It`s true we couldn`t fight the 40 per cent commission issue in Karnataka created by Congress, however, here, we will fight back to let the lotus bloom, they added. Recently, state BJP president CP Joshi in a statement issued siad, “It`s Jungle Raj in Rajasthan, but people have unwavering faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi.`This shows that the party shall contest polls on Modi`s face.

Meanwhile, all eyes are set as to which issues the saffron party brings into fight the social security schemes being launched by the Gehlot government.

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