Fashion designer and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporter Khadija Shah was recently taken into custody in connection with the assault on Jinnah House in Lahore. Following the arrest of PTI chairman Imran Khan on May 9, the incident occurred, and Shah voluntarily surrendered herself at the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) Iqbal Town police station. Police officials have confirmed her arrest.

Known for her role as the creative force behind the fashion label Elan and the daughter of former finance minister Salman Shah, Shah is suspected to have been among those leading the attack on Jinnah House, which presently serves as the residence of the Lahore Corps Commander. In all of this, a select few have come forth to display support for the fashion guru.

Actor Adnan Malik posted a series of tweets regarding the arrest. “This is a personal response I have to see Shah muzzled with a black cloth and in handcuffs. However, this is not applicable to all people on all sides of the political spectrum who are punished for sharing dissent or wanting to hold powerful authorities accountable,” he penned.

He further continued, “I am out of the country at a community gathering and at a group sharing of where my heart is at, I led a prayer today for my friend [Shah] and all the other people over time and history that have been persecuted by powerful forces.” Malik continued to tweet, “I shared a poem that my father had penned down many years ago: The light of the morning and the darkness of the night/Are nothing but the reflections of our own heart.”

Moving further on, the star said, “The intention is that the purpose of our lives is to purify our heart energy. May we all understand that we have the power to create our realities and that standing in our power and Truth should be celebrated. And I pray that people can truly be free.”

The actor also spoke about freedom and fear. “Freedom is in being the most Truthful version of ourselves, exposing our wounds and follies in deep vulnerability. The essence of Love is to trust and surrender. The essence of fear is to manipulate and suppress,” he wrote.

Malik went on to speak about the manner of Shah’s arrest. “My heart breaks to see a beautiful, successful woman in her expression and power muzzled by a dark cloth and tied by chains. A woman who I know to be fiercely independent, a business leader, a visionary, a deeply caring human being and also a wonderful mother, wife, daughter and sister.”

Continuing on, he said, “Whether our politics align or not, [Shah] is part of my tribe and someone who represents Pakistan with grace, care and respectful presence in the world. As I see my country tear at the sutures, I pray that we collectively see that we have the power to create harmony through Love and not separation. Where dissent and accountability should flourish, not be suppressed and muzzled by dark, shadowy, toxic masculine forces.”

He finished his Twitter thread with a prayer. “This is a prayer for all sentient beings,” wrote the star in one tweet. “A prayer for true justice, healing, inclusivity and harmony,” Malik continued.

The fashion fraternity has also spoken up. Model Zara Peerzada took to her Instagram Stories to state, “Protesting is not an act of terror.”

Apart from Peerzada, visual artist Rehan Bashir penned his thoughts on the arrest, which were later shared by some fashion influencers. “One of our own is in a dark place today, while we all silently go on with our lives,” wrote Bashir. “Not a word. Complete, utter mind-numbing silence. We are reminded once again that this is how we are meant to be. We’ve kept selfishly quiet for so many others who’ve been suffering for decades and now when it’s so close to home, the only thing unwavering is our silence.” 

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