Following trends has never been my style. I have always been comfortable about my fashion choices; I don’t like revealing much of my skin even though everyone has been raving about wearing shorts, dresses or mini-skirts. A simple pair of jeans with a colourful t-shirt is my go-to staple. My friends have always urged me to try on short dresses but I have always refused and thankfully was never pressurised to do anything. But I am in an uncomfortable situation now…

My husband is the complete opposite of me. He is showy and loves glitz and glamour. He loves styling himself and stepping out in his best version. I love the fact that I am with someone who is different from me. Honestly, if he was like me, we both would have ended up being a really boring couple! I love that he is so outgoing and fun-loving but there’s this one thing that I dislike about him.

My husband pressurises me to dress in provocative and sexy clothes. He always tries to get me to wear short skirts, bodycon dresses and even skimpy tops to parties and night clubs. I am not really a fan of these but I accompany him sometimes because he likes it so much. But when he asks me to wear such things, I get flustered and annoyed. I don’t understand, why would he force me to wear such things. I am not comfortable at all with wearing short and skimpy clothes but my husband says, “It is important to put out a fancy image! Why don’t you try something new? You might like it.”

He tries to repeatedly convince me to try on clothes, “You have a nice figure, wear this, that.” I get so tired of him trying to direct what I should wear and what I shouldn’t. Not that I am insecure about my body; I am quite fit but that’s just not my taste. He even throws tantrums sometimes about why I don’t listen to him at all.

His unreasonable tantrums affect me a lot sometimes and that makes me very sad. I have tried explaining to him why I don’t like wearing such clothes but he doesn’t leave any space for me to argue about it. I have tried putting on such a dress before, but I don’t feel comfortable at all. I can see it makes him feel happy and proud but this just isn’t me.

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