WORLD KINDNESS DAY 2022: World Kindness Day is observed on November 13 to celebrate acts of kindness, compassion, and humanity. Undeniably what matters the most is the way one treats others; your small gestures of love and generosity are what the world needs the most. Thus, this day is a small reminder of the fact that love and kindness surpass every emotion and should be embraced to create a positive and constructive environment. In other words, World Kindness Day is a celebration of all the kind hearts who are making efforts to indulge in at least one act of kindness and end the notion of hate.

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World Kindness Day: History

The World Kindness Movement hosted the first conference in Tokyo, Japan with an aim to bring like-minded organizations together who believe kindness is an act of compassion and hence everyone should adopt it. This initiative led to the beginning of World Kindness Day. In 1997, the World Kindness Movement hosted the first conference in Tokyo, Japan.

It was in 1998, that World Kindness Day became an annual observance. With each passing year, this day starts getting recognition worldwide. First, in 2009, Singapore accepted the movement. Followed by which the UK also joined the initiative in 2010. After that, Australia (2012), France (2015), the USA (2018), and more joined the movement.

World Kindness Day 2022: Theme

The day is celebrated with various campaigns and events that take place to support acts of kindness and small gestures. This year, however, the theme has not been announced.

World Kindness Day: Significance

This day holds a special place as it promotes acts of kindness and humanity among the masses. World Kindness Day convinces people to share their stories and let the act of kindness overpower them. This day is celebrated to remind you how simple gestures and acts of kindness can bring a change in your life.

Being kind not only makes you a good human being but also helps you in encouraging others to acknowledge the importance of good deeds in society and highlight the positivity that it brings forth. The day is about appreciating someone’s kind efforts that make your journey easy and beautiful.

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