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Kajol feels that “women and heroines all over the world” should be saluted for completing shots in extreme conditions for their films/projects. She has a valid reason to say this. While celebrating the 17th anniversary of her 2006 film Fanaa, Kajol revealed that she filmed the track Mere Haath Mein at -27 degrees Celsius in Poland. That’s not all. She had to wear just a “thin chiffon salwar kameez on a frozen lake, with the wind chill” making the condition worse. Her co-star Aamir Khan, on the other hand, “had bought himself a nice thick jacket from the local market just for the shoot.” But all their hardwork was in vain, as “the whole song was scrapped and reshot” on a set in Mumbai.  

Kajol shared a clip comprising sequences from Fanaa with Mere Haath Mein playing in the background. She wrote: “One of my oh so many ‘comebacks’ (referring to reports of her comeback after maternity leave) but Zooni (her character’s name) will always remain special to me simply because I just had to be me without my glasses. Nerds rock! And since you guys loved my memories let me give you some more.”

Kajol added, “Poland was -27 degrees centigrade on the first day of shoot and I was wearing a thin chiffon salwar kameez on a frozen lake with the wind chill factor aside… Aamir Khan, on the other hand, had bought himself a nice thick jacket from the local market just for the shoot (rolling eyes emojis). So, his face did not have the natural pain that was there on my frozen face! And the cherry on top of the whole scenario was that the whole song was scrapped and RESHOT when we got back to Mumbai! Can we all just salute women and heroines all over the world who do these things and much worse just to look good!”

Fanaa was directed by Kunal Kohli. It is one of his “most favourite cinematic experiences.” Resharing Kajol’s tweet, he wrote: “One of my most favourite cinematic experiences. Every day of being on set with you!”

Kunal Kohli had, in previous tweets, revealed that it was so cold in Poland that Aamir Khan wore “many layers” to shoot for the song. Because of that, they had to film Mere Haath Mein again in Mumbai. The director, however, “liked the original better.”

Fanaa is the story of a blind woman named Zooni Ali Beg (played by Kajol) and Rehan Khan (Aamir Khan). They fall in love but a terrorist attack changes their lives.

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