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DJ Annsh is currently gearing up for the multi-city tour and is all set to mesmerise the audience once again. With several chart-topping tunes to his name, he has carved a niche for himself as one of the best DJs today. He has entertained hundreds of people throughout the years, and it is not only his musical ability that sets him apart but also the way he reads the mood of the party and how he runs his imagination wild.

The demand for DJ Annsh has increased over the years, and the number of shows he has been doing recently is a huge example of that.

He has been on travel for most of 2022 end. DJ Annsh then went on to perform a couple of huge events in Indore this year before hitting the roads again. In the first half of February, DJ Annsh covered Indore, Bhopal, Jaipur, Pushkar and Udaipur. He also went on to win hearts while performing in the Indori Zayka Food Carnival. The three-day Fest also witnessed several popular names from the city. The event witnessed more than 10,000 people and from the reactions of the crowd, one can easily say that they had an excellent time out there.

Another important gig that DJ Annsh performed this year was in February too. Days later, after his huge gig at the Carnival, he made more than 3000 people groove to his music at Hilltop lakeview fest with camping in Bundelkhand Dhani Resorts in Indore.

Now, he has announced that he will be starting another multi-city tour soon. He would be covering multiple cities in the upcoming months. Adding more, he said that the schedule is jam-packed until April month.

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