New Delhi: The Android 13 OS for smart televisions has been released by Google, a major American technology company. The most recent software update for Google-powered televisions added some new capabilities, including improved performance, increased customizability, and some UI tweaks. If you have an Android 12 smart TV, this update is expected to arrive in your set as well in the upcoming weeks.

A smart television using Android 13 OS will be able to recognise the routing device and support formats as of the newest software version before producing an AudioTrack. It will guarantee that games and streaming apps can provide the finest audio quality when used with external speakers and soundbars.

Users will be able to control specific parameters through HDMI source devices, such as resolution and refresh rate, depending on the hardware capabilities. Additionally, an improved power management system that lowers power usage when the device is in standby mode will be included in Android 13 for smart televisions.

The availability of hardware mute switch status on system privacy settings improved user control for microphone access, and a new keyboard layout API, which will allow users to select different language layouts for external keyboards, are all additional features that Google has implemented.

RCS (Rich Communication Services) group chats that are end-to-end encrypted are now being tested by Google. In the next weeks, this will be accessible to a select group of individuals in the open beta programme.

Google claims that this feature would make one-on-one texts received through Google Messages more safe and private because end-to-end encryption will ensure that only the sender and recipient can see them. In the blog post, Google said that RCS not only makes messaging safer but also more enjoyable.

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