New Delhi: Sam Altman, the founder of ChatGPT and CEO of OpenAI, recently acknowledged in an interview that he is “a little bit afraid” of the potential of the AI chatbot. According to him, ChatGPT can “eliminate” many human occupations, according to an interview with ABC News. Altman warned, “We’ve got to be careful here. “I think people should be delighted that we are a little bit terrified of this,” he admitted.

He expressed worries about the AI bot’s potential for nefarious use “I’m particularly concerned that widespread disinformation could be spread using these models. Now that they’re growing proficient at writing computer code, [they] could be exploited for offensive cyberattacks.” (Also Read: Bizarre: Drunk Man Forgets To Attend His Own Wedding In Bihar- Check What Happens Next)

ChatGPT is a tool that is “very much in human control,” he continues. Yet he worries about who will have control of it. “There will be others who disregard some of the safety restrictions we impose. I believe society has a finite amount of time to determine how to respond to, control, and handle this “He brings up. (Also Read: SBI NPS: Invest To Get Great Return — Check Tax Benefits Also)

Recently, the ChatGPT-4 version of the bot was released by OpenAI. The company announced via a blog post that the upgraded chatbot is “more creative and collaborative.” “compared to earlier versions when it comes to activities like songwriting or screenwriting.

The business has also made ChatGPT Plus membership available to users in India. According to the statement, Indian consumers now get early access to new features like GPT-4. According to OpenAI, ChatGPT-4 significantly outperforms its predecessor.

Altman acknowledged during the interview that the ChatGPT AI bot can take many different professions. “I believe that over a few generations, humanity has shown that it is remarkably capable of adjusting to significant technical changes.

The aspect I’m most concerned about is if this occurs in a single-digit number of years, some of these transitions “In the interview, he stated. “The human imagination is boundless, and we create new jobs. We discover fresh activities, “Added he.

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