In a SENSATIONAL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW in your favourite show TELLY STARS TALK on ETIMES TV, breast cancer-winner Chhavi Mittal lashes out at the mindset that some of us have when we see parents kissing their kids on their mouth. You would have rarely seen a more frank viewpoint than this. Watch the VIDEO BELOW:

Here are the excerpts from the conversation that transpired. Chhavi was in a car, talking to us online:

Firstly, the all-important question: How is your health?

End of next month, it will be one year since my cancer. I am fine. Nothing to complain. Only the oral medication is on; that will go on for the next 9 years.

Your elaborate take on a social media user terming your kiss on your son’s lips as ‘Child Abuse’?

I was amazed that somebody can think like that. MY mom used to kiss me on my mouth; that’s perfectly normal. When you love your child, it is pure in any language. Does any mother think about anything else when she breastfeeds her child?

My only reply to this was putting out more pictures of me kissing my kids.

What’s your hubby Mohit Hussein’s take on this?

Mohit doesn’t react to what outsiders say. Rarely, he asks me if I am sure of what I have written especially when I put out a very harsh post.

They trolled you even when you kissed Mohit…

Yeah? (laughs). People will have a problem with everything. If you kiss your husband or if you don’t, if you kiss your children or don’t. I have even got comments that I have been partial to my son but I have chosen to ignore them. But the fact of this matter is that my daughter is a growing girl; she tells me that she should be excluded from my videos. She is a private person and wants to keep to herself. Even if I want to shoot her reaction to some dish I have cooked, she says she will say that she hasn’t liked it. The same will happen with my son too, one day.

But this ‘Child Abuse’ remark was outrageous and inappropriate needed to be addressed.

What’s happening on your work front?

Not too long ago, we launched my merchandise ‘Being Woman’ with a few captions. The first caption is: Allergic To Filter’. And, this is who I am. I kiss my children on my mouth, whether anybody likes it or not. People tell me to not express everything on social media but I don’t agree.

Another caption says ‘Psychotic’. There’s a bit of psycho and hot in each one of us. The third caption is ‘One day at a time’ which I totally lead my life by.

I am doing a couple of new things also but I am contractually bound to not talk about it at this point of time.

Have you lost friends? Has your frank nature landed you in trouble?

Many times. But no, not in school and college. I developed this attitude only later. It was important because people will never like no matter whatever you do. One must do things that makes him/her happy; stop pleasing people for just the heck of it. But I am glad I lost many friends and am left with genuine people. I cannot be falsely cordial. I cannot falsely praise.

Does Mohit intervene when the saamnewala is not an outsider?

Yes (smiles). But that was more in early days when I developed this attitude. Not nowadays; he feels I can now handle situations and am ready to face repercussions. Nowadays, he comes in only at the rare occasion to mellow down people, including me- if and when things get out of hand.

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