I have done many shows as an anchor. I was doing a show in Delhi, where I had to announce the VIP’s name. My husband came there as a VIP. While announcing, just reading his name, I felt it’s quite heavy as a name. Then his personality also matched his name. During the dinner, post the show, he sat beside me. His voice was also very dumdaar. Call it coincidence or destiny, next day he was seated next to me in the flight. He told about his event company and asked if I would be doing those shows. I gave him my manager’s number. Mujhe bhau khana tha. I did 10-12 shows and he just wanted to meet me. I don’t know when I fell in love. I want to tell, he is my brother, he is my friend, my dad, and whatever relation you call, mentor, guru, well-wisher, he has been all those to me when needed. He is also a son. In these 10 years, it’s about both the partners supporting each other. He balances everything beautifully.

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