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In February 2023, the U.S. versions of our weekly Top 50 charts belonged to a single channel. That channel ended the month with twice as many views as any other hub based in the United States.

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Amazingly, the leading channel in the chart isn’t known for short-form content, even though more than 70% of the ranked entrants fit that description.

Chart Toppers

There’s no doubt about it: Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes is the #1 YouTube channel in the United States. The California-based producer of animations and jingles finished at the top of February’s Global Top 100, which means it also sits at the front of the second month’s U.S. Top 100. Most channels struggle to get one billion views in a month, but Cocomelon got nearly three times that amount, with 2.9 billion monthly views. It also continues to lead all U.S. channels in terms of lifetime views and total YouTube subscribers.

Kids Diana Show could double its monthly viewership and it still wouldn’t catch Cocomelon. Despite the size of that gap, the kidfluencer channel is #2 in the second U.S. Top 100 chart of 2023. Eight-year-old Diana had a good month in February, collecting 1.4 billion views on her primary YouTube channel. She also spread the love to her entire family. Her brother Roma has his own channel, and it is also getting hundreds of millions of views every month.

The highest-ranking short-form creator in February’s U.S. Top 100 was also the highest-ranking short-form creator in January’s chart. Alan Chikin Chow has had a strong start to the year after dominating YouTube Shorts in 2022. The comedian’s videos may seem goofy, but they’re part of a sharp, calculated strategy that has brought nearly 20 million subscribers to Chow’s official YouTube channel. Those subscribers and other assorted views contributed 1.39 billion views to Chow’s lifetime total in February.

Jimmy Donaldson didn’t quite join the billion-views-per-month club in February, but the man known as MrBeast still reached the #4 spot in the latest U.S. Top 100. With his potent combo of long-form, game show-style content and short-form hits, Donaldson gathered 949.8 million monthly views over 28 days. He currently has 136 million subscribers, making him the most-subscribed individual creator on YouTube — though he still needs to gather a few more fans before he catches Cocomelon in that category.

SKITS rounds out the top five in this month’s U.S. Top 100. It picked up 945 million monthly views, which was good for a 24% month-over-month increase.

Top Gainers

The 74th-place finisher in this month’s U.S. Top 100 is Jarrett Stod. But among creators with one eye, Stod is #1.

The Iowa native lost his left eye due to a rare form of ocular cancer. He has made the best out of his situation by assembling a massive collection of eyeballs, which also serve as inspiration for his unique brand of content. In viral clips, Stod has ranked his collection from oldest to newest, taken inspiration from famous pop culture eyes, and tried to guess which of his eyes is currently in his left socket.

Videos like these drove Stod into the U.S. Top 100 in February. During the second month of 2023, he added 312.7 million monthly views, which put him in 74th place among all U.S.-based channels. He nearly doubled his viewership between January and February.

Stod’s videos are distinctly his, but they also fit into several trends on YouTube Shorts. Other entrants in the Top 100, such as Dr. Ryan, have earned views thanks to colorful facial decorations. On a more heartfelt note, YouTube Shorts has provided visibility for people with disabilities and allowed them to put positive spins on their lives. Stod and Peet Montzingo — who comes from a family of little people — are providing representation for groups that have historically lacked it.

Channel Distribution

This month, 70 channels in the Top 100 are primarily active on YouTube Shorts.

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