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In February, two channels defined the top tier of our Tubefilter charts. Both of those channels approached three billion monthly views while no other contender cracked two billion.

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Here’s the rub: In a month dominated by short-form hubs, the two leaders of the Global Top 100 are both known for long-form videos.

Chart Toppers

In January 2023, Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes was always the bridesmaid and never the bride. But after compiling four straight #2 finishes in our Global Top 50, the family-friendly animation hub put together a dominant February. It led every Top 50 that we published last month, and in all of those cases, it got twice as many views as most other ranked channels. Across all of February, Cocomelon picked up 2.9 billion monthly views on YouTube. That’s an incredible number, even for a channel that once got one billion views in a single week.

The channel that handed Cocomelon its runner-up finishes in January became the perpetual runner-up in February. T-Series is the most-watched and most-subscribed YouTube channel of all time, but it didn’t lead any of our weekly Top 50 rankings during the second month of 2023. Despite falling short of Cocomelon, T-Series posted viewership numbers that few other channels could match. It received 2.7 million monthly views to finish second in the Global Top 100.

CRAZY GREAPA was one of the breakout stars of February. The Korea-based channel became the flavor of the month on YouTube Shorts, and billions of views followed. Over 28 days, CRAZY GREAPA’s collection of “sigma girl” content collected 1.7 billion monthly views, which was good for a 26% month-over-month traffic increase. More accomplishments are on the way, since the channel is about to pass five billion lifetime YouTube views.

The other long-form channel that made it to the top five of our latest Global Top 100 is SET India. The Sony-owned hub, which has long been a popular destination for South Asian TV content, now has more than 140 billion lifetime views. About 1.7 billion of those views came during February, when SET India made regular appearances near the top of our weekly charts. Even though that total represented a 14% month-over-month dip, Sony’s Indian home base finished fourth in the monthly Top 100.

Another Korean Shorts channel rounded out February’s Global Top 100. KIMPRO, like CRAZY GREAPA, used an assembly of comedic clips to collect a ten-digit view sum. In total, it added 1.6 million monthly views to its lifetime total.

Top Gainers

One year after Russian creators faced sanctions related to their homeland’s invasion of Ukraine, the landscape of Slavic content is shifting. Russian content is thriving once again, and it’s all thanks to YouTube Shorts.

16 channels tied to Russia made it into February’s Global Top 100, and 15 of them are active on YouTube’s TikTok competitor. With short-form videos, Russian creators can reach viewers from all over the globe, even as their home country continues to receive worldwide scrutiny.

In February, the short-form Russian community took a clearer shape. Some of the Slavic creators who cracked the Top 100 even collaborate with one another. Guych Ovezov‘s bodybuilding videos meshed perfectly with Nora Power‘s provocative content to create some suggestive collabs.

Ovezov landed just outside the top half of the Global Top 100 in February. He made it up to 54th place after receiving 606.3 million views, which was 42% more traffic than his total from January. Power experienced a similar uptick. She rode a 13% month-over-month increase to reach 580.3 million monthly views. That’s the highest monthly total she’s received on YouTube.

Creators like Ovezov and Power have figured out the secret sauce of Shorts. Right now, that’s paying dividends for them, but as we learned last March, it’s possible for everything to change in a matter of days.

Channel Distribution

Here’s a breakdown of the Top 100 Most Viewed channels this month in terms of their countries of origin:

  • United States: 27 channels in the Top 100.
  • India: 18 channels in the Top 100.
  • Russia: 16 channels in the Top 100.
  • Vietnam: 6 channels in the Top 100.
  • South Korea: 5 channels in the Top 100.
  • Italy and Japan: 3 channels in the Top 100.
  • Argentina, Germany, Pakistan, Turkey, and United Kingdom: 2 channels in the Top 100.
  • Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, El Salvador, France, Israel, Latvia, Moldova, Netherlands, and United Arab Emirates: 1 channel each in the Top 50.

This month, 71 channels in the Top 100 are primarily active on YouTube Shorts.

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