BAHRAICH: There was dance and music. Pandits for the rituals, and a pandal big enough to host over 400 guests, including local VIPs, for the feast. On the face of it, it had all the ingredients of an Indian wedding. What made it unique was the absence of the bride and groom.
Solemnized in Kaiserganj area of Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich district, in the presence of deputy collector Mahesh Kumar Kaithal, the marriage of a well (kuan) with a garden (bagiya), soon became the most talked about event in the region.

“It all started with an ancient well in the village getting dried up, which is considered inauspicious. While everyone in the village was worried, 85-year-old Kishori Devi suggested that the marriage of the well with a garden would ward off the evil,” said Brijesh Singh Rathore, a villager.
The idea was well received. And the banquet was fixed for March 13.
Village elders, Rakesh Singh, Akhilesh Singh, Amresh Singh and Suresh Singh took upon themselves to ensure that the wedding was grand.

marriage 1

The invitation cards were duly picked, printed, and distributed not just among villagers but among 1,500 Hindus and Muslims invited from adjoining Chulambar, Rukanpur, Gudaiyya, Dihwasher Bahadur Singh, Bakdwara, Sidarkha, Sidarkhi, Devlakha, Saraiya, Saraiyali and Kaiserganj villages.
The all-important rituals of “Mirchiva” and oil worship were carried out as per the traditions, in the presence of SDM Kaisarganj Kaithal.

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For the final wedding rituals, Akhilesh performed the responsibility of the groom’s side and his elder brother Suresh Singh performed the responsibility of the bride’s side.
Like all weddings, the baraat was taken out with grandeur. At the village Bagiya, the wedding venue, it was welcomed by the bride’s side. “The marriage was unique in many ways. One of its kind, and quite real in every sense,” said Manish Singh, block head of Kaiserganj.

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