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A man in India’s Tamil Nadu allegedly murdered his wife for spending too much time on social media and making reels for the platforms, reported India Today.

Amirthalingam, 38, killed his wife with her shawl by choking her Sunday night. Angry over her social media reels, he attacked his wife and ended up allegedly murdering her.

The suspect, originally from Dindugal, has been arrested in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruppur district.

Amirthalingam worked in the local vegetable market as a daily wage labourer while his wife, Chithra, worked in a garment factory.

Chitra regularly made reels for Instagram and TikTok which was a bone of contention between the husband and wife. The 38-year-old argued with his wife several times over her habits and complained that she spent too much on social media.

However, Chithra continued making and posting reels. As she gained some fame and followers, she decided to pursue acting as a career. With more than 33,000 followers on Instagram, Chithra left home for Chennai about two months ago.

She returned to her residence last week to attend her daughter’s wedding. After the ceremony, when she wanted to go back to Chennai, the husband stopped her telling her he did not want her to go.

Reportedly, an argument broke out between the two on Sunday night about her wanting to act in movies. The conflict soon became ugly, and Amirthalingam eventually choked Chithra with her shawl.

The man panicked when Chithra lost consciousness, and he left the house after informing his daughter that he had hit her mother.

As the daughter rushed to check on the woman, she found her dead. The police were then involved after when Amirthalingam was arrested.

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